Nottingham Voices

Scan the QR code (Android or Apple) to download our Nottingham Voices app, which works with our special Nottingham map.

If you don’t have access to our special Nottingham Voices map (available at one of our events), you can download a copy yourself by clicking on the image, or use this link.

This app uses spatial audio, so for the best experience, please connect your headphones. Scan the illustrations on the map with your device’s camera and move in closer to to hear people from the different locations. You can continue to scan, explore and listen to the different illustrations and locations around the map.

Scan the QR code to download the Android app, or go to


QR code for the Nottingham Voices app (android, from Google play)

Scan the QR code to download the Apple app, or go to


QR code for Nottingham Voices app (apple version)

Privacy Policy
The Nottingham Voices mobile application is provided for free and as is by the owners (The University of Nottingham) and the developer (Laurence Cliffe). The developer declares that the Nottingham Voices mobile application does not collect, store, analyse or report on any data, nor is any data shared with any third-parties. This excludes any data that is collected, stored, analysed or reported upon under the terms of use of the App Store or Google Play Store platforms from which the Nottingham Voices mobile application can be downloaded and installed, you can find the terms of use of these respective platforms at and
Please direct any enquires regarding the Nottingham Voices privacy policy either to the developer (Laurence Cliffe: or the owner (The University of Nottingham: This privacy policy was published and is effective from 19 January 2024.